We are a group of avid fisherman who enjoy fishing and fishing related things. We started as the City of Allen Fishing Field Team and had a blog that has since been archived - CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com, and replaced by our current blog - StockerTroutFishing.com.

Over the years, the name has been shortened from COAF Field Team to Field Team and our members have shrunk. We started with five members, shrunk to one, and then added a four-legged member - Charlie the #maltesepuppy!

It is our hope to keep bringing fishing news and fishing things of interest to our Readers and YouTube Viewers. Thank you for stopping by and do check back at all our venues - YouTube, Blog, and this website for the latest happenings from the Team!

Till then, "Good Luck and Good Fishing"!

PS: The sections below provide fishing news, tips, suggestions, and articles that offer a wealth of information to Readers interested in fishing!

Standup Longboarding snippet that shows a quick workout we do to prepare for kayak fishing and increase our paddling endurance... plus it's FUN!

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Stocker Trout Fishing Magazine

...was a startup effort by the Field Team to attain a bucket list goal - publish a fishing magazine!

One hard-copy issue was printed for posterity and an online version made available to our Supporters!

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As a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth so much more in capturing those moments while in the field doing what we like best... fishing!

Do check out our YouTube Channel to see what we have been up to! Be it fishing, enjoying great times when not fishing, or even taking a break in the day job with a little ukulele time!

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Fishing articles published by the Field Team and hosted online by HubPages.

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Texas and Oklahoma - Fishing Reports

RSS TFF Fishing Reports

  • White Bass Run! October 6, 2018
  • Kayak Fishing : Re: Palestine 9/29/18 September 30, 2018
    Recent report with Pics!   lconn4: Re: Palestine 9/29/18 Stopped and fished in all the places I got bit earlier and caught a couple of more on fluke. Hooked a couple of bowfin that I thought were bass and luckily they pulled off. Make it back to deep hole near bridge and get thumped on […]
  • Lake Somerville August 9, 2018
      Had a great time fishing the main lake today. In the morning I hit the points in W. Park and caught many white bass. They were all small and Similar size to the one JMoe is holding above. Caught a bunch of small largemouths and a couple sunnies.There were no signs of schooling fish. […]

Fly Fishing Blogs

RSS Gink and Gasoline

  • Louis’s Fly Fishing Yoga January 18, 2019
    Here are two simple stretches that will help your fly casting. From time to time I see a fly angler who has trouble with their casting because their shoulders are too tight. A limited range of motion can cause all kinds of problems with your cast. It’s worth taking some time do do some simple […]
  • Beyond The Flies: Making The Most Out Of Your Winter Fishing January 17, 2019
    By Kyle Wilkinson Being prepared for a day of winter fishing means more than having a box of the right flies. I got an email earlier today from a customer who had just gotten back from the river. He had attempted to fish the South Platte however, after several hours of trying to cast between […]
  • 5 Tips For Technical Tailwaters January 16, 2019
    By Johnny Spillane COLORADO HAS SOME OF THE TOUGHEST TAILWATERS ANYWHERE. Tailwater trout get a good education. They see plenty of attention, especially the fish in Colorado's well publicized fisheries. The Yampa, here in Steamboat Springs, is a great example. A lot of anglers think they can't catch these fish. Trout have a brain that […]

RSS April Vokey Blog

  • We Have To Go… November 20, 2017
    It was a Rubik’s cube of calendars; a six-sided complex puzzle and I’d become a major part of the scramble. Matt Jennings from Fishing BC was trying to organize a fishing trip between me, Katy Watson of Northern Outback Adventures, photographer Jeremy Koreski, videographer Brandon Kelly, a helicopter pilot and, of course, the fish themselves. […]
  • Queens of the Desert November 1, 2017
    I don’t know why I was so surprised to hear Dubai has good fishing. For years I assumed the city to be a major dustbowl of wealth, high-rises, restrictions, and layovers — a pretty ignorant depiction coming from a girl who’d only ever experienced Dubai’s international airport (which is, admittedly, rather impressive). I’d flown through […]
  • Exmouth on the Fly July 7, 2017
    It was four years, one marriage, a shit-ton of paperwork, and an unhealthy amount of saltwater fishing earlier when I replaced winter steelhead with marlin; white snow soon to be forgotten by pale yellow sand. Splitting my life between both countries — a “summer chaser” as they called me — I had the best of […]

RSS Fiberglass Manifesto

  • THIS IS FLY - Issue 71 January 18, 2019
    The latest issue of This Is Fly is live and ready to ease you into the weekend.CHECK IT.Subscribe in a reader
  • GREEN BUS DESIGNS - The Cap Art of Michael Williams January 18, 2019
    It's been a awhile since I last highlighted the work of artist Michael Williams of Green Bus Designs (see previous T.F.M. posts HERE and HERE) so here's a few dozen color markers emptied doing artful scribbles on ball caps to brighten your day.Check out the Green Bus Designs website for more and be sure to […]
  • The Southern Belize Fly Tying Initiative - Placencia Session January 16, 2019
    (If you missed the first post in this series, please circle back and start with the Hopkins Session before continuing on.)The next morning we were up early, ate breakfast (yes, a couple more fry jacks), packed up all our gear and the three of us jumped into the shuttle from Hopkins to Placencia.  Our next […]

Fly Fishing Fun!

Tenkara Anyone?

RSS Tenkara Bum

  • Jan 18, This Just In...
    New items and out-of-stocks that are back in stock. Daiwa Iprimi 56XXUL-S This is the best spinning rod I have ever found for micro fishing, and will be a ton of fun with little trout in the headwaters. Back in stock.
  • Jan 17, This Just In...
    New items and out-of-stocks that are back in stock. Flies! Ishigaki Kebari, American Takami Special, Light Olive Small Stream Special, Kebari No.6. All back in stock, except for Kebari No.6, which is a new item.
  • Jan 13, Trip Report - 1-6-19
    Last summer's Oni School was an eye opener for me. I had always thought that Tenkara no Oni fished with light lines, and the lighter the better. The weather was quite windy during the school, though, and he mostly fished size 4.5 lines. This past Sunday I got another eye opener. I had known for […]
  • Jan 13, This Just In...
    New items and out-of-stocks that are back in stock. 3 x 5 Photo Tank Large enough for multiple micros or a small sunfish or even a very small trout. Keep 'em wet and get a better photo ID. Back in stock.

RSS Tenkara USA

  • mounTEN: Issue Four, January 2019
      Welcome to the fourth issue of Tenkara USA’s official monthly ezine, covering the best stories on the tenkara method of fly-fishing. mounTEN brings forth content created by Tenkara USA over the last 10 years in a fun-to-read format. This month features an article on tangles & snags, covers a trip fishing tenkara with Ed […]
  • Latest from Tenkara USA
    Besides the blog posts below, here you’ll find the newest content from Tenkara USA: mounTEN – the tenkara ezine mounTEN brings to you the best stories and articles we have shared in the TEN years since we introduced tenkara to the US. Each issue contains TEN beautifully designed spreads, and is released on the TENth […]
  • mounTEN: issue 3, December 2018
    Welcome to the third issue of Tenkara USA’s official monthly ezine, covering the best stories on the tenkara method of fly-fishing. mounTEN brings forth content created by Tenkara USA over the last 10 years in a fun-to-read format. This month features Ice Shelf Fishing, Bamboo Rods, Iwana Sashimi, a new Up Tenkara Creek Comic and […]

Kayak Fishing Fun!

Texas Fly Fishing Spotlight

Fly Fish Rockport

Timeline Photos

Fly Fish Rockport

4 days 16 hours ago

Repost from @yamahaoutboards using @RepostRegramApp - A redfish a day, keeps the boss away! 📷: @flyfishrockport . . #redfish #redfishonfly #flyfishing #texasflyfishing #bullredfish #texas #toweeboats…

Photos from Fly Fish Rockport's post

Fly Fish Rockport

1 week 16 hours ago

Cheers to one hell of a week down here on the #Texas Coast! #friyay #redfish #redfishonfly #flyfishing #texasflyfishing #rockporttx #flyfishrockport @ GLOW

Timeline Photos

Fly Fish Rockport

1 week 2 days ago

Windy Wednesday’s. Perfect for a little work on the short game. #golf #nobaddays #uagolf #uafish #rockporttx #flyfishrockport

Timeline Photos

Fly Fish Rockport

1 week 3 days ago

Fun seeing a couple more of these big boys today. #redfish #redfishonfly #bullredfish #flyfishing #texasflyfishing #texas #toweeboats #flyfishrockport

ReelFly Fishing Adventure

Timeline Photos

Quick snap and back to the water for others to enjoy. 📸and guide @justin_jay11 #reelfly #reelflyfishing #flyfish #flyfishing #browntrout #trout #troutonthefly #flyfishtexas #texashillcountry #flyfishingjunkie #bookatrip…

Timeline Photos

Great way to start off the new year! Our customers will be happy to be able to pick these up in both Canyon Lake and…

GUADALUPE RIVER FLOW UPDATE 1/15/19: Flows will NOT be increased to 1200CFS this week so look for more of the same ~700s. There is a…

GBRA of Texas

River flow update.

Canyon Lake Release Advisory

The water level in Canyon Reservoir is currently at 910.71 ft. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will increase the water release rate to 1200 cfs Tuesday morning, January 15, to lower the water to 910.0 ft.

Property owners, recreationalists and other stakeholders should take notice of the changing river flows. Additional information about Canyon releases and other stream flow data may be found at https://bit.ly/2NI2HTz.

Action Angler & Outdoors

Timeline Photos

Mostly Browns today. #guadaluperivertroutunlimited #guadaluperiver #thenbscene #guidedfloattrips

Timeline Photos

Action Angler & Outdoor Center- Guadalupe River, New Braunfels, TX added a new photo.

Timeline Photos

Had a good day with Clif yesterday. Today the flows are going up to 1200 cfs by noon. #guadaluperivertroutunlimited #guadaluperiver #echoflyfishing #thenbscene

Timeline Photos

Wading the Guadalupe River with flows at 758cfs. There's a few places it can be done. #ActionAngler #knowyourriver #fishwithapartner #wadingstaff #tightwadingbelts #feltsoles

Texas Fishing Piers

61st Fishing Pier

61st Street Fishing Pier

13 hours 43 minutes ago

61st Street Fishing Pier

15 hours 16 minutes ago

43” bull on cut mullet (head piece) in same exact spot as Brandon just caught his an hour ago! 🎣

Timeline Photos

61st Street Fishing Pier

15 hours 50 minutes ago

Its official. 43" Red. Allyns best.

61st Street Fishing Pier

16 hours 22 minutes ago

Brandon with the great catch. 41 3/4 “ Redfish on half mullet (head piece) 2/0 hook on Shakesphere Alpha rod! ( we rent these for…

Timeline Photos

61st Street Fishing Pier

16 hours 52 minutes ago

61st Street Fishing Pier added a new photo.

61st Street Fishing Pier

17 hours 31 seconds ago

Brandon from Houston with this beauty... 41 3/4 “. Nice fish man! 🤙

Galveston Fishing Pier

Galveston Fishing Pier

17 hours 54 minutes ago

Good afternoon anglers, it's 6⁴F with a SSE wind at 17mph. Water is Sandy with a 1-2ft swell. Report today has been sand trout, Croaker…

Galveston Fishing Pier

1 day 2 hours ago

Morning anglers! 60*, cloudy with some rain, 2 mph N Water is sandy, 1-2 ft 3:58p H, 7:28a L GFP is open 7a-10p

Photos from Galveston Fishing Pier's post

Galveston Fishing Pier

2 days 21 hours ago

Pre Spring cleaning day!! #work

Photos from Galveston Fishing Pier's post

Galveston Fishing Pier

3 days 15 hours ago

Galveston Fishing Pier added 4 new photos — with Eddie Lee.

Pirate’s Landing Fishing Pier

Pirate's Landing Fishing Pier

2 days 11 hours ago


Pirate's Landing Fishing Pier

1 week 4 days ago

Tag a buddy that makes that face 😂😂😂 you know who it is......

Pirate's Landing Fishing Pier

1 week 4 days ago

Customer Edgar Villarreal sent this pic of a nice black drum caught over the weekend. 🎣🎣🎣

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