We are a group of avid fisherman who enjoy fishing and fishing related things. We started as the City of Allen Fishing Field Team and had a blog that has since been archived - CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com, and replaced by our current blog - StockerTroutFishing.com.

Over the years, the name has been shortened from COAF Field Team to Field Team and our members have shrunk. We started with five members, shrunk to one, and then added a four-legged member - Charlie the #maltesepuppy!

It is our hope to keep bringing fishing news and fishing things of interest to our Readers and YouTube Viewers. Thank you for stopping by and do check back at all our venues - YouTube, Blog, and this website for the latest happenings from the Team!

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Standup Longboarding snippet that shows a quick workout we do to prepare for kayak fishing and increase our paddling endurance... plus it's FUN!

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...was a startup effort by the Field Team to attain a bucket list goal - publish a fishing magazine!

One hard-copy issue was printed for posterity and an online version made available to our Supporters!

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As a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth so much more in capturing those moments while in the field doing what we like best... fishing!

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Texas and Oklahoma - Fishing Reports

RSS TFF Fishing Reports

  • Lake Somerville August 9, 2018
      Had a great time fishing the main lake today. In the morning I hit the points in W. Park and caught many white bass. They were all small and Similar size to the one JMoe is holding above. Caught a bunch of small largemouths and a couple sunnies.There were no signs of schooling fish. […]
  • Lake Somerville August 6, 2018
    I went out to the lakeside of the dam last week to see if there were any white bass surfacing. Just before dark there were a bunch surfacing but they were all small. I suspect they were the crop from the spawn earlier this year. Looks like we had another good spawn as there were […]
  • Kayak Fishing : Fork 5/14/18 May 16, 2018
    Report from Lake Fork…!   I had a good day on Fork, Monday. No big ones but more action than I've had in a while. Caught 7 in the two to three pound range on hollow belly swimbaits real shallow, two on 5 inch flutter spoon in 18 feet of water, and one on topwater. […]

Fly Fishing Blogs

RSS Gink and Gasoline

  • Autumnal Trouting September 24, 2018
    By: Alice Tesar With high water temps and river closures this summer throughout the west it is likely you’ve been fishing some unfamiliar high-country creeks and lakes. Exploring new water shouldn’t end because summer is over. Fall fishing in the high country can produce some of the feistiest and color-rich browns and brookies you see […]
  • Sunday Classic / Tarpon on the Fly: 10 Rookie Mistakes September 23, 2018
    I'll never forget heading down to the Florida Keys for my first fishing trip for tarpon on the fly. Cruise control set and adrenaline pumping through my veins, that fifteen hour drive south only felt like it took four hours. My rookie confidence was overflowing, leaving me zero doubt that I had the necessary fishing […]
  • Saturday Shoutout / Smoke on the Water September 22, 2018
    Fire, Water and Steel on the Deschutes River. I just returned from the G&G Steelhead Camp on the Deschutes River in Oregon.  You may already know that the river was at the heart of a huge wild fire just a month ago. That didn’t stop my buddy Curtis Ciszek from heading out for some cold […]

RSS April Vokey Blog

  • We Have To Go… November 20, 2017
    It was a Rubik’s cube of calendars; a six-sided complex puzzle and I’d become a major part of the scramble. Matt Jennings from Fishing BC was trying to organize a fishing trip between me, Katy Watson of Northern Outback Adventures, photographer Jeremy Koreski, videographer Brandon Kelly, a helicopter pilot and, of course, the fish themselves. […]
  • Queens of the Desert November 1, 2017
    I don’t know why I was so surprised to hear Dubai has good fishing. For years I assumed the city to be a major dustbowl of wealth, high-rises, restrictions, and layovers — a pretty ignorant depiction coming from a girl who’d only ever experienced Dubai’s international airport (which is, admittedly, rather impressive). I’d flown through […]
  • Exmouth on the Fly July 7, 2017
    It was four years, one marriage, a shit-ton of paperwork, and an unhealthy amount of saltwater fishing earlier when I replaced winter steelhead with marlin; white snow soon to be forgotten by pale yellow sand. Splitting my life between both countries — a “summer chaser” as they called me — I had the best of […]

RSS Fiberglass Manifesto

  • SWIFT FLY FISHING - The Epic 580 is Back September 10, 2018
    Last week Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing and I traded a few messages about what's been going on in their New Zealand shop as of late and since then the Epic 580 has been reintroduced and is now available as a Blank, Ready to Wrap Kits and Studio Built Fly Rods.WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT […]
  • HOWLER BROTHERS - The Aguacero Rain Jacket Has Arrived September 10, 2018
    I mentioned it a few weeks back in the Howler Brothers Fall 2018 Collection announcement that it was coming, but the Aguacero Rain Jacket has arrived and is ready to check out.This IFTD award winning jacket is offered in four colorways and features 2.5 layer stretch waterproof fabric, bungee drawcords, taped seams, Western-style front pockets […]
  • SIGHT LINE PROVISIONS - CARP!!! September 8, 2018
    "Carp Freaks" can rejoice, Sight Line Provisions has (finally) released a Carp Bracelet for those who dig chasing these fish with hopes that they will take a fly.Visit the Sight Line Provisions website to check it out and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.Subscribe in a reader

Fly Fishing Fun!

Tenkara Anyone?

RSS Tenkara Bum

RSS Tenkara USA

  • tenkara+ Run: The Flyathlon
    Run, Fish, Beer! That’s the tagline for the Flyathlon, an event that brings together people to run a race, catch a fish, and at the end of the day enjoy a cold beer…all the while raising money to protect native trout. On August 11, 2018, 60 participants ran the race in a remote location and […]
  • Video: Customer Service Tenkara Rod Tips from Tenkara USA
    Tenkara rods are very easy to use and are pretty strong. Some common problems with tenkara rods are very easy to avoid or deal with. In this video, John Geer from Tenkara USA’s customer service team, will walk you through some of the common problems seen on a tenkara rod, how to avoid problems while […]
  • We Thought We Were People – A Film by Erica Mellon
    If you’re into running, be prepared for some awesome tenkara + running videos we will be publishing in the next few days. If you’re not into running….you may just get inspired to combine tenkara + running after you watch these videos. Here’s the first one. This film was created by Erica Mellon with tenkara guide […]

Kayak Fishing Fun!

Texas Fly Fishing Spotlight

Fly Fish Rockport

Fly Fish Rockport

2 weeks 5 days ago


Back on the Texas Flats
Photos from Fly Fish Rockport's post

Fly Fish Rockport

2 weeks 6 days ago

Sadly, our vacation is over. Everyone is back in the Texas heat, but still thinking of our fun times up North. A great trip, with…

Photos from Fly Fish Rockport's post

Fly Fish Rockport

3 weeks 2 days ago

Ben was able to make the trip with us this year. He was new to AK and northern pike as well. He was a riot…

Timeline Photos

Fly Fish Rockport

3 weeks 3 days ago

Levi rings the bell with the largest fish of the trip. Drinks on him when we get back to Rockport!!! #buyaround #vacation #pikeonthefly #northernpike #flyfishing…

ReelFly Fishing Adventure

ReelFly Fishing Adventures Guide Service & Fly Shop

ReelFly Fishing Adventures Guide Service & Fly Shop updated their profile picture.

Timeline Photos

The rain the past few days has us thinking about fall #texas colors. We have been booking trips for our 2018/2019 Trout Season which is…

Timeline Photos

Our friends over @realalebrewing have some some fall flavors on the way - pairs well with a 2017 vintage #rainbowtrout and a touch of #guadaluperiver…

Photos from ReelFly Fishing Adventures Guide Service & Fly Shop's post

The first @cbarclayflyrodco fiberglass rod just went out the other day! We spent quite a bit of time behind the shop casting the 7’9” “General…

Action Angler & Outdoors

September 2018 Fly Fishing Update -

September 2018 Fly Fishing Update
Photos from Action Angler & Outdoor Center- Guadalupe River, New Braunfels, TX's post

Big bows on the Gunnison River. #blackcanyonanglers #gunnisonriver #echoflyfishing

August 2018 Fly Fishing Update -

August 2018 Fly Fishing Update
Timeline Photos

Gunny Brown. #blackcanyonanglers #flyfishingcolorado #trout #browntown

Texas Fishing Piers

61st Fishing Pier

Timeline Photos

61st Street Fishing Pier

5 hours 19 minutes ago

Full moon tonight

Daily Webcam Shot

61st Street Fishing Pier

15 hours 7 minutes ago

#pier #galveston #TX #Texas #gulfofmexico #fishing #dock #pierlife #Redfish #61stpier

61st Street Fishing Pier

19 hours 17 minutes ago


Photos from 61st Street Fishing Pier's post

61st Street Fishing Pier

1 day 5 hours ago

61st Street Fishing Pier added 2 new photos.

Timeline Photos

61st Street Fishing Pier

1 day 5 hours ago

61st Street Fishing Pier added a new photo.

Photos from 61st Street Fishing Pier's post

61st Street Fishing Pier

1 day 6 hours ago

Don't forget about "Redfish Rodeo"! October 1 - October 31 $20 to enter - includes a free admission.

Galveston Fishing Pier

Galveston Fishing Pier

10 hours 41 minutes ago

Putting away our bikes! Bike Rentals will be available again in the Spring! Thanks to everyone who took our cruisers on the town! Looking forward…

Galveston Fishing Pier

13 hours 24 minutes ago

Afternoon update: Spanish Mackerel on the report!

Galveston Fishing Pier

17 hours 51 minutes ago

Report Update: Small sharks and reds!

Galveston Fishing Pier

21 hours 55 minutes ago

Good morning anglers its 77F with a WNW wind at 1mph. Water is sandy and flat. High tides are 5:03am & 4:19pm. Low tides are…

Pirate’s Landing Fishing Pier

Timeline Photos

Pirate's Landing Fishing Pier

3 weeks 3 days ago

Have a safe Labor Day weekend! #portisabel #spi #pierfishing #gofishing

Timeline Photos

Pirate's Landing Fishing Pier

1 month 1 week ago

Restocked! Thanks @marker54lures

1 month 1 week ago

Ana Victoria y Christian...

Hank Patterson - World's Greatest Fly Fishing Guide!