We are a group of avid fisherman who enjoy fishing and fishing related things. We started as the City of Allen Fishing Field Team and had a blog that has since been archived - CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com, and replaced by our current blog - StockerTroutFishing.com.

Over the years, the name has been shortened from COAF Field Team to Field Team and our members have shrunk. We started with five members, shrunk to one, and then added a four-legged member - Charlie the #maltesepuppy!

It is our hope to keep bringing fishing news and fishing things of interest to our Readers and YouTube Viewers. Thank you for stopping by and do check back at all our venues - YouTube, Blog, and this website for the latest happenings from the Team!

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Playlist from our YouTube Channel of pond fishing trips in 2019. Do check back as we update with more trips during the year!

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Texas and Oklahoma - Fishing Reports

RSS COAF Field Team

  • Casting the EmmRod Fly Rod with a Shooting Head or WF Fly Line #emmrod June 9, 2019
    Fished with the EmmRod Fly Rod the other day using the OPST Commando Head that we have on out Echo Ion 4/5 Wt Reel. Was able to cast well and catch a few fish once we made adjustments to our cast. Adjustments made were to the hand hold of the shooting head and the amount... […]
  • Fishing the Trinity River with the EmmRod Fly Rod! #emmrod June 8, 2019
    Liked the EmmRod Kayak King for fishing the local pond for Catfish. Very convenient to carry around or keep in the little pickup truck. Ordered the Fly Rod, arrived yesterday but was not able to fish it till today. Had to make a run to Fort Worth, so brought the EmmRod Fly Rod and several... […]
  • EmmRod Fly Rod! #emmrod June 7, 2019
    Liked the EmmRod Kayak King for fishing the local ponds for Catfish. Hope to try it out kayak fishing sooner than later. Decided to order their fly rod model. It came in today! Opened the box and checked it out. Looks promising. Was trying to decide on mounting the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel... […]

RSS Texas Fly Caster

  • Monday Morning Mess on the Sidewalk June 10, 2019
    Good morning once again this fine Monday Morning! My enthusiasm is blinding, isn’t it? What a heck of a storm passed through early yesterday afternoon … suddenly the sky turned green black, and the winds, the winds.Perhaps it was best that I knew about the coming rage because I was off the water, way off, […]
  • Texas International Pop Festival 50 Years On June 6, 2019
    1969 Festival at Dallas International Motor Speedway Show Revived for Fifty-Year Celebration August 31 – September 1 2019 “Labor Day weekend 1969, just two weeks after Woodstock, more than 100,000 music fans came to Lewisville for the Texas International Pop Festival, at the former Dallas International Motor Speedway and a smaller free stage on the […]
  • Bass on the Fly World Championship Results June 4, 2019
    2019 World ChampionshipBass on The Fly Fishing TournamentResults   The 10th World Championship Bass on The Fly Fishing Tournament was held at Lake Fork Marina on Saturday, May 25th.  The weather was good on tournament day but the wind did pick up and made paddling a challenge for the kayakers. This year there were 62 competitors […]

RSS TFF Fishing Reports

  • Texoma on Sunday afternoon May 14, 2019
    Liking this report from Texoma!   Texoma on Sunday afternoon [by didja getny] I went to Texoma yesterday afternoon. Put in at the dam and scouted for at least an hour before I found fish. But when I found them it was on! First school I found was 6" dinks. After they cruised by they […]
  • Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan February 24, 2019
    Lake Buchanan Tips…   Re: Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan [by Gypsy Bass] The what a burger and Walgreens off marsh and nw highway park there and walk towrds the bridges under the bridges There are bass and Croppie just be careful there is a lot of stick ups there and you will get hung up […]
  • Perdenales white bass run February 24, 2019
      Report on the Perdenales!   Re: Perdenales white bass run [by ingvar3000] sws210, the lake is a bit above pool right now, so all the river structure is under water. I think if you find the spots where the channel is choked down to a narrower width you could do okay. Otherwise the usual […]

RSS Fly Fish Rockport

  • Rockport Fishing Report – May 22nd May 23, 2019
    A little behind on the Rockport Fishing Report here for the week. So we apologize for that. Been busy around here with lots of boats on the water though. So here we are with your up to the minute report from the flats in Texas. Things continue to be pretty ok around here, fishing
  • Rockport Fishing Report – May 13th May 14, 2019
    Here is your Rockport Fishing Report for the second week of May. Things have been a bit interesting around here since our last report. Lot's of weather, which has been making things a bit challenging for us some days. Maybe a bit more of the same for this weeks report as well. Fishing around
  • Rockport Fishing Report – May 2nd May 3, 2019
    Here is the first Rockport Fishing Report for the month of May. April was a crazy busy month around here and seemed to fly by. The weather was good, fishing was good and things just seemed to cruise along. Now May is here and hopefully there is more of the same to come. So

Fly Fishing Blogs

RSS Gink and Gasoline

  • Sunday Classic / The Magic Stonefly June 16, 2019
    ON OF THE BEST LESSONS I HAVE LEARNED FROM FISHING WITH KENT IS THIS. IF THERE IS A SECRET TO ANGLING SUCCESS, IT'S CONFIDENCE. A few years back I was on a photo shoot in Wyoming when the client wanted to stage a shot of an angler looking through a fly box. The box we […]
  •  Saturday Shoutout / Anchored with Ted Juracsik June 15, 2019
    By Justin Pickett I’m a regular listener of the Anchored podcast, which is produced and hosted by April Vokey. Her guests include some of the most influential individuals across the gamut of outdoor industries, and covers topics such as conservation, ethics, and travel, along with behind the scenes insight as to what drew these outdoorsmen […]
  • How To Unsnag A Fly: Video June 14, 2019
    Every fly fisher gets snagged up once in a while. It’s part of the game. If you aren't fishing to structure, you aren’t fishing to fish. This is never more true than when streamer fishing. You’re constantly snagging logs and if you row over to get your fly, you’re spoiling a lot of good fishing […]

RSS April Vokey Blog

  • Chironomids: Springtime Stillwater Trout Candy June 8, 2019
    When I was little, my dad and I used to go on an annual fishing trip in British Columbia’s interior. In the excitement leading up to the trip, I polished my Wedding Ring and Willow Leaf spinners before organising them into their designated Plano compartments. As a treat, Mom let me stay up late and […]
  • Fly Fishing 101: Fly Lines May 23, 2019
    I remember the day I set out to buy my first fly line. The experience almost made me give up fly fishing before even starting. I’d been passed down an old 8-weight Shakespeare fly rod, and I was excited to line it up. A nearby town was holding a fishing convention, so I excitedly made […]
  • Fly Fishing 101: Choosing a Reel May 17, 2019
    In the first two installments of Fly Fishing 101, I covered the importance of developing a relationship with your fly shop and choosing your first fly rod. In this segment, we’re going to cover some things you should know about purchasing a fly reel. I’ll admit it: I’m guilty of skipping right past fly reels […]

RSS Fiberglass Manifesto

  • SMITHFLY - The Making of the Upland Scrap Hat June 13, 2019
    The folks at SmithFly are keeping busy on all sorts of new projects and when they're not building out frames and packing up Big Shoals Rafts, they hit the sewing machine to knock out a few of their Upland Scrap Hats.  Take a few minutes to look around the SmithFly website and be sure to […]
  • ALPACKA RAFTS - The BHA Series June 13, 2019
    As you are reading this, I'll hopefully (fingers crossed because it's been a roller coaster ride all day with the airlines) be pushing out into the Boundary Waters from Tuscarora Lodge & Canoe Outfitters outside of Grand Marais, Minnesota on a multi-day paddle with Alpacka Rafts. I've been following along with Alpacka Rafts for some time […]
  • CHROME BUFFET - Olympic Peninsula Steelhead June 12, 2019
    Gilbert Rowley's The Buffet Series continues with a winter steelhead adventure in the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Follow Capture Adventure Media on YouTube and Instagram.Subscribe in a reader

Tenkara Anyone?

RSS Tenkara Bum

  • Jun 6, Thank God for Pinfish
    Pinfish are the Florida inshore saltwater equivalent of Green Sunfish-- small, aggressive and plentiful. Anglers looking for lot's of species always let
  • Jun 5, Newbie looking for advice.
    Full disclaimer. When I say newbie I mean never even held a Tenkara rod, but excited and willing to learn. I live in Alaska and I'm trying to find
  • May 31, New Kurenai Lines
    It’s been some time since I fished my float rigs with my kurenai, mainly because it became to cumbersome to lob out. I now fish with flies primarily and
  • May 30, This Just In...
    New items and out-of-stocks that are back in stock. Eurotackle Micro Finesse Original Bloodworm Very small rubber worm that is perfect for sunfish. Back in stock.

RSS Tenkara USA

  • Looking back at 10 years of Tenkara
    Today we celebrate 10 years of building Tenkara USA and sharing tenkara outside of Japan. It is an incredible milestone, and this journey has been filled with incredible experiences, milestones we never could have predicted, and a lot of hard work to accomplish all of that. And, of course we wouldn’t be here today without […]
  • mounTEN: Issue Seven, April 2019
    Welcome to the seventh issue of Tenkara USA’s official monthly ezine, covering the best stories on the tenkara method of fly-fishing. mounTEN brings forth content created by Tenkara USA over the last 10 years in a fun-to-read format. This month features a look back at 10 years of sharing tenkara and building Tenkara USA. Enjoy! […]
  • Registrations for the 2019 Tenkara Summit now open!
    This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! And, we will celebrate in style at the 2019 Tenkara Summit! REGISTER NOW The event registration is $40 and includes a catered lunch plus a bunch of great knowledge! Date: July 27, 2019. More details will be posted at www.tenkarausa.com/summit as we near the date, but here […]

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