We are a group of avid fisherman who enjoy fishing and fishing related things. We started as the City of Allen Fishing Field Team and had a blog that has since been archived - CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com, and replaced by our current blog - StockerTroutFishing.com.

Over the years, the name has been shortened from COAF Field Team to Field Team and our members have shrunk. We started with five members, shrunk to one, and then added a four-legged member - Charlie the #maltesepuppy!

It is our hope to keep bringing fishing news and fishing things of interest to our Readers and YouTube Viewers. Thank you for stopping by and do check back at all our venues - YouTube, Blog, and this website for the latest happenings from the Team!

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Playlist from our YouTube Channel of pond fishing trips in 2019. Do check back as we update with more trips during the year!

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Texas and Oklahoma - Fishing Reports

RSS COAF Field Team

  • Trout Fishing at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center #flyfishing December 10, 2019
    Made it to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens, TX for a go at the trout stocked recently! Was an interesting round; the trout wanted “green” fishing flies and lures fished fast. Tried various fishing flies and different retrieves before settling on a short pull, steady retrieve. Did miss a number of strikes... […]
  • Easier Fly Tying of a Mop Fly Using a Dubbing Loop #flytying December 6, 2019
    Had a great time fishing Turner Falls last week for Rainbow Trout. Go to pattern was a Mop Fly that had a Chartreuse body and an Orange Egg Sac. Simple pattern to tie but tended to spend more time trimming and shaping the Egg Sac as well as ending with lots of wasted egg yarn... […]
  • Super Dupers and Mop Flies for Turner Falls Trout…! December 2, 2019
    Although it rained Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, Saturday was dry and much warmer for the Team. Given the break in the weather, we headed to Turner Falls Park near Davis, Oklahoma for a round of trout fishing. The Team limited out with several nice sized ones that went for a Gold Super Duper. Other... […]

RSS Texas Fly Caster

  • GO PRO Cameras December 12, 2019
    FOLLOW-UP REVIEW As you the longest followers know, I have been on the bleeding edge of fly fishing video cameras for ten years now, and many cameras have come and gone. There was never more excitement than when GoPro came on the scene, and when I first dealt with the company, they were this game […]
  • Monday Morning Blows December 9, 2019
    Weather You Like it Or Not – Cold Returns Again Good Monday morning to all this morning! What a world we have nowadays, don’t we? It’s easy for me, as a journalist, to get swept out in the riptide of history we find ourselves in these days. Up is down, and down is up. Truth […]
  • FREE RIDE ALONG December 5, 2019
    East Texas Chain Pickerel. If anyone is interested in a free ride-along from, and in a line with Denton to Daingerfield? Get your bus ticket now! The bus leaves the station at about 5am. tomorrow morning, and the tour lasts all day. If you are local to Denton, or along the route – we can […]

RSS TFF Fishing Reports

  • Texoma on Sunday afternoon May 14, 2019
    Liking this report from Texoma!   Texoma on Sunday afternoon [by didja getny] I went to Texoma yesterday afternoon. Put in at the dam and scouted for at least an hour before I found fish. But when I found them it was on! First school I found was 6" dinks. After they cruised by they […]
  • Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan February 24, 2019
    Lake Buchanan Tips…   Re: Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan [by Gypsy Bass] The what a burger and Walgreens off marsh and nw highway park there and walk towrds the bridges under the bridges There are bass and Croppie just be careful there is a lot of stick ups there and you will get hung up […]
  • Perdenales white bass run February 24, 2019
      Report on the Perdenales!   Re: Perdenales white bass run [by ingvar3000] sws210, the lake is a bit above pool right now, so all the river structure is under water. I think if you find the spots where the channel is choked down to a narrower width you could do okay. Otherwise the usual […]

RSS Fly Fish Rockport

  • Rockport Fishing Report – December 5th December 6, 2019
    December is here and it's time for an update to our Rockport fishing report. We're not real sure what happened to November. Sure seemed to go quick. But things are still rolling here on the Texas Coast and we will fill you in with what we've been seeing out there lately. Since our last
  • Tying the Seaducer for Bull Redfish November 26, 2019
    In the past couple of weeks, we've had quite a few folks asking us what types of flies we are using to get all these big bull reds we're posting pictures of. So we figured we would knock out a little video showing how to tie one of the quickest and easiest baitfish
  • Rockport Fishing Report – November 25th November 26, 2019
    The weekend is over and we are catching up with an update Rockport fishing report before the holiday weekend. Things are still cranking really well around here. Fall fishing is still prime time. The weather has been mostly cooperative. And the fishing is still very very good. We last reported a bit over a

Fly Fishing Blogs

RSS Gink and Gasoline

  • 7 Easy Steps To Successful Saltwater Fly-Fishing: Video Round-up December 12, 2019
    Let’s review some basic skills you need to get started catching fish on the fly in saltwater. Success in saltwater fly fishing is all about the fundamentals. If you understand and practice the fundamental skills you will catch fish. There is a lifetime of learning but once you have the basic skills it’s a blast […]
  • Winter Steelhead on the Fly: Video December 11, 2019
    Winter is here and, for those willing to brave the elements that means big winter steelhead. Unfortunately, there will be no steelhead for me this winter. That doesn’t mean they aren’t on my mind and if I can’t get after them myself, I can at least watch my buddies do it. This great video by […]
  • Choosing a Fly Rod is Like Choosing a Guitar December 11, 2019
    "WHO ARE THOSE $850 FLY RODS FOR? IF THE EXPERTS DON'T NEED THEM AND THE BEGINNERS CAN'T APPRECIATE THEM, WHO NEEDS THEM?" If you follow G&G on Facebook then you probably know about my love of old school blues. If you don't follow us on Facebook, you should, you're missing half the fun. click here […]

RSS April Vokey Blog

  • Vlog: 3 Tricks to Help Get Your Fly or Lure Unstuck From a Snag October 4, 2019
    Three easy tricks to get your next snag unstuck! Read more › The post Vlog: 3 Tricks to Help Get Your Fly or Lure Unstuck From a Snag appeared first on April Vokey.
  • On-the-Water Fishing Gear Modifications October 4, 2019
    Figuring out how to strategically target fish: the ideal presentation for the current, the best cast to get around structure, and which fly, lure, or bait is most likely to get eaten captivates fishermen. But one of the less discussed aspects of fishing often happens away from the tying bench and tackle shop. Creative anglers […]
  • Vlog: Super Easy Over the Fire Cedar Plank Salmon October 4, 2019
    I stumbled across some old footage that I thought might be a tasty distraction while I'm working on these upcoming fishing vlogs. Read more › The post Vlog: Super Easy Over the Fire Cedar Plank Salmon appeared first on April Vokey.

RSS Fiberglass Manifesto

  • SWIFT FLY FISHING - Unboxing a Studio Built Boca Grande December 7, 2019
    Unboxing videos are kind of the rage (even more so outside of fly fishing than in) and Norbert Renaud of Flies with Attitude recently posted a good look at the Swift Fly Fishing Studio Built Boca Grande. This 8'6" four piece twelve weight is the perfect do-all heavy line weight fly rod to travel the […]
  • GEAR REVIEW - Practical Power Sparkr Wick Lighter December 7, 2019
    I can be kind of a sucker for a well done Kickstarter push and when Practical Power ran their campaign last year to introduce both the Sparkr Wick Multipurpose Lighter and Sparkr Flip Lighter, I supported the project by ordering a couple for our family to use.Fast forward a few months (and then a couple […]
  • THE FLYFISH JOURNAL - Exclusives Threesome December 3, 2019
    The crew at The Flyfish Journal continues to put together great stories and shorty films that either compliment articles for the magazine or are just stand alone material that are certainly worth a look.Here's three favorites from the Exclusives page that range from carp in weird places, a lodge on the Dean River reborn and […]

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Tenkara Anyone?

RSS Tenkara Bum

  • Dec 10, This Just In...
    New items and out-of-stocks that are back in stock. Daiwa Sagiri 39 Light weight inexpensive zoom 34-39 seiryu rod. Back in stock. Cultiva Micro Snaps and Tairiki Snaps Small, light snaps and snap swivels. Back in stock.
  • Dec 6, This Just In...
    Rodio-craft Blinde Flanker .5g spoons Gold and silver back in stock. Also, two new colors. Daiwa Keiryu-X 24 and 27 Short, stiff rods for big fish in small streams. Back in stock.
  • Dec 5, This Just In...
    New items and out-of-stocks that are back in stock. Gift Card Want to get something but not sure what to get? The Gift Card can be used towards anything on the site. Running out of time? The Gift Card is delivered at the speed of email. New item. "Reluctant" Wakasagi Rig Multi-hook Wakasagi rig (similar […]
  • Dec 3, Nissin Tenkara Level Line Rods
    The Nissin Tenkara Level Line rods were introduced last year. The full flex "level line" action is reminiscent of the Nissin Royal Stage 6:4 tenkara rods. The Level Line rods are a little heavier, and that by itself will change the amount of inertia you feel as you wiggle the rod. The rods are similar, […]

RSS Tenkara USA

  • New product release – 10 years
    We don’t release new products very often, but when we do it is because we think they need to be out there. I hope you will enjoy the offerings below. 10th Anniversary Ebisu, $175 The classic Tenkara USA rod, Ebisu, improved and released as a limited 10th anniversary edition. Imported. ADD TO CART Water bottles, […]
  • Tenkara Summit 2019
    The 2019 Tenkara Summit, which celebrated our 10th anniversary is now behind us. It was a blast of an event. In the coming days we will try putting out more videos of the presentations, but here is a quick compilation of the event. Thank you all who came, but also all of you who couldn’t […]
  • Looking back at 10 years of Tenkara
    Today we celebrate 10 years of building Tenkara USA and sharing tenkara outside of Japan. It is an incredible milestone, and this journey has been filled with incredible experiences, milestones we never could have predicted, and a lot of hard work to accomplish all of that. And, of course we wouldn’t be here today without […]

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