We are a group of avid fisherman who enjoy fishing and fishing related things. We started as the City of Allen Fishing Field Team and had a blog that has since been archived - CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com, and replaced by our current blog - StockerTroutFishing.com.

Over the years, the name has been shortened from COAF Field Team to Field Team and our members have shrunk. We started with five members, shrunk to one, and then added a four-legged member - Charlie the #maltesepuppy!

It is our hope to keep bringing fishing news and fishing things of interest to our Readers and YouTube Viewers. Thank you for stopping by and do check back at all our venues - YouTube, Blog, and this website for the latest happenings from the Team!

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Playlist from our YouTube Channel of pond fishing trips in 2019. Do check back as we update with more trips during the year!

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Texas and Oklahoma - Fishing Reports

RSS COAF Field Team

  • Discount One Handed Spey Combo… MaxCatch Fly Rod, Orvis Hydros Fly Reel, Rio Trout Max! February 16, 2020
    Been playing around with the 2wt fly rod we picked up on Amazon. Tried an Echo Ion Fly Reel and an Orvis Hydros Fly Reel as well as a WF 2wt fly line and a Rio Trout Max Skagit head for one handed spey casting. After several field tests with the various components, decided on... […]
  • Fly Fishing Tip – Emergency Dry Fly Floatant… Carmex Works! February 15, 2020
    Tied some dry flies before heading out to the local pond that was recently stocked with trout. Although we struck out on trout, did overcome a situation… ran out of the Gink Dry Fly Floatant we have used for years. Fly shop was closed, so what to do? Luckily, while stopping for coffee and donuts... […]
  • Fly Rods and Fly Reels We Like #coaffieldteam February 12, 2020
    Livestream on fly rods and fly reels we like!Livestream on fly rods and fly reels we like! Raining and cold has us indoors but no worries. Feeling much better… coughing less! And, always can talk fishing when not able to go! Fly Rods: Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod (9′-4pc-5wt): http://amzn.to/2rENFHu 9′ 6wt TFO Pro II:... […]

RSS Texas Fly Caster

  • Texas Fly Fishing Festival 2020 Plano Texas February 19, 2020
    FROM THEIR WEBSITE: Make plans now to attend the fourth annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival (TFFF) on March 21-22, 2020, in Plano, Texas. This one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event will be held at the Plano Center approximately 20 miles north of Dallas, with easy access from Route 75. The indoor/outdoor venue means that attendees can […]
  • President’s Monday Morning February 17, 2020
    Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk, and thanks to all those Presidents today! It was an eventful weekend to say the least, and while the water continues to warm up – mostly due to massive influxes of rain – the days are also getting longer, the bugs are getting buggier and today’s temps are expected […]
  • TPWD Crab Trap Cleanup February 11, 2020
    TPWD NEWS RELEASE: AUSTIN —Each February for 18 years, countless volunteers spend 10 days on the water along the Texas coastline searching the bays for abandoned crab traps left to foul shrimpers’ nets, snag anglers’ lines, “ghost fish,” and create unsightly views. To date, they’ve hauled off more than 36,000 of these derelict traps. Between […]

RSS TFF Fishing Reports

  • Texoma on Sunday afternoon May 14, 2019
    Liking this report from Texoma!   Texoma on Sunday afternoon [by didja getny] I went to Texoma yesterday afternoon. Put in at the dam and scouted for at least an hour before I found fish. But when I found them it was on! First school I found was 6" dinks. After they cruised by they […]
  • Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan February 24, 2019
    Lake Buchanan Tips…   Re: Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan [by Gypsy Bass] The what a burger and Walgreens off marsh and nw highway park there and walk towrds the bridges under the bridges There are bass and Croppie just be careful there is a lot of stick ups there and you will get hung up […]
  • Perdenales white bass run February 24, 2019
      Report on the Perdenales!   Re: Perdenales white bass run [by ingvar3000] sws210, the lake is a bit above pool right now, so all the river structure is under water. I think if you find the spots where the channel is choked down to a narrower width you could do okay. Otherwise the usual […]

RSS Fly Fish Rockport

  • Rockport Fishing Report – December 25th December 25, 2019
    Welcome to your Rockport fishing report, Christmas Edition. Actually, it's pretty much just another fishing report. Although it is Christmas today. So Merry Christmas to all. We hope everyone is enjoying their day with family and friends. We are doing the same and enjoying our day off of the water. Although with the weather
  • Rockport Fishing Report – December 5th December 6, 2019
    December is here and it's time for an update to our Rockport fishing report. We're not real sure what happened to November. Sure seemed to go quick. But things are still rolling here on the Texas Coast and we will fill you in with what we've been seeing out there lately. Since our last
  • Tying the Seaducer for Bull Redfish November 26, 2019
    In the past couple of weeks, we've had quite a few folks asking us what types of flies we are using to get all these big bull reds we're posting pictures of. So we figured we would knock out a little video showing how to tie one of the quickest and easiest baitfish

Fly Fishing Blogs

RSS Gink and Gasoline

  • Time To Un-Match The Hatch February 20, 2020
    By Johnny Spillane Now that is a hatch! Every year around mid April we start to see Blue Wing Olives on the Green River below Flaming Gorge. Most years the hatch is amazing, some years it is truly epic. This was one of those years. The best part about it, there is no chance to […]
  • Bonefish Toe February 19, 2020
    By John Byron Huh? Bonefish toe? Yup, it’s a thing. Fishing last month at Beyond The Blue, South Caicos. Four companions/new friends from Connecticut, all experienced on bonefish. One-hundred percent wading all day long. Fifth day one of us, Mark, came up lame mid-day, his big toe bothering him a lot. Swollen. Puffy. A color […]
  • 2 Guys, 1 Trout February 19, 2020
    I always enjoy fly-fishing more when it’s a team sport. I think that’s why I enjoy saltwater fly fishing so much. The interaction between guide and angler creates something special. A shared accomplishment and a shared reward. Not unlike some of my best days of trout fishing, when a buddy and I might have figured […]

RSS April Vokey Blog

  • Vlog: 3 Tricks to Help Get Your Fly or Lure Unstuck From a Snag October 4, 2019
    Three easy tricks to get your next snag unstuck! Read more › The post Vlog: 3 Tricks to Help Get Your Fly or Lure Unstuck From a Snag appeared first on April Vokey.
  • On-the-Water Fishing Gear Modifications October 4, 2019
    Figuring out how to strategically target fish: the ideal presentation for the current, the best cast to get around structure, and which fly, lure, or bait is most likely to get eaten captivates fishermen. But one of the less discussed aspects of fishing often happens away from the tying bench and tackle shop. Creative anglers […]
  • Vlog: Super Easy Over the Fire Cedar Plank Salmon October 4, 2019
    I stumbled across some old footage that I thought might be a tasty distraction while I'm working on these upcoming fishing vlogs. Read more › The post Vlog: Super Easy Over the Fire Cedar Plank Salmon appeared first on April Vokey.

RSS Fiberglass Manifesto

  • River Therapy February 18, 2020
    I learned how to fly fish on this river in the early 1990's and this short film rings so true. I can't get those sweet tea colored waters out of my bones and would never want to.    This looks like the first of several films by Ausable River Outfitters on why anglers are drawn […]
  • PAKMULE - Built for the Adventure Ahead February 18, 2020
    This past week my son and I attended the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition for the day and one of the highlights was meeting Kansas Sartin of PAKMULE.  He's making a great product that is completely changing expectations of what a hitch basket should be and we've been beyond impressed with our PAKMULE and PAKMULE Ridgeline carriers.  […]
  • SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE FLY - Issue 34 February 11, 2020
    The latest issue from the boys of Southern Culture on the Fly went live and I wonder if I'm too old for a "Rumspringa" as a mostly responsible most of the time 45 year old?CHECK IT.Subscribe in a reader

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Tenkara Anyone?

RSS Tenkara Bum

  • Feb 11, Kids Tenkara Rod
    A Kids Tenkara Rod should be light enough for a kid to handle and have an action that will teach proper casting form. I've offered kids rods for years, and for years I have been at least mildly dissatisfied with them. Up until now, I've offered rods that were short and inexpensive. Short because a […]
  • Feb 10, How Many Tenkara Rods Do You Have?
    The other day one of my fishing friends asked me, How many Tenkara rods do you have? My answer was, I don't really know - I have never gotten them all
  • Feb 9, Crane Creek: Knowing vs. Doing
    We're at an interesting point in American Tenkara. After ten years, Tenkara is widely known in the fly fishing world, has attracted enthusiastic participants
  • Feb 4, The Long and Short of It
    I debated and debated about getting a rod around 3.3 meters. To be honest, several of the creeks I fish locally are just too brushy for my 4 meter rods,

RSS Tenkara USA

  • New product release – 10 years
    We don’t release new products very often, but when we do it is because we think they need to be out there. I hope you will enjoy the offerings below. 10th Anniversary Ebisu, $175 The classic Tenkara USA rod, Ebisu, improved and released as a limited 10th anniversary edition. Imported. ADD TO CART Water bottles, […]
  • Tenkara Summit 2019
    The 2019 Tenkara Summit, which celebrated our 10th anniversary is now behind us. It was a blast of an event. In the coming days we will try putting out more videos of the presentations, but here is a quick compilation of the event. Thank you all who came, but also all of you who couldn’t […]
  • Looking back at 10 years of Tenkara
    Today we celebrate 10 years of building Tenkara USA and sharing tenkara outside of Japan. It is an incredible milestone, and this journey has been filled with incredible experiences, milestones we never could have predicted, and a lot of hard work to accomplish all of that. And, of course we wouldn’t be here today without […]

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